last up date, 2023.8.31
(Please ask to dealer all detail dilectly.)
Sept 9th ~ 10th     Cycles House SHIBUYA (Tokyo, Katsushika)  11:00 ~ 16:00
Sept 23rd ~ 24th     GREEN CYCLE STATION (Kanagawa, Yokohama)  11:00 ~ 16:00
Sept 30th ~ Oct 1st      Shugakuso Shiroishi (Hokaido, Sappolo)  11:00 ~ 17:00
Sept 3rd   Jitenshya Biyori Minivelo Meet (Kanagawa, Yokohama)
We attend to 'Jitenshya Biyori Minivelo Meet' with the first event by a magazine 'Jitensya Biyori' presente.
Many minivelo brands to have booth there.
We will display our Tartaruga Type SPORT DX, GT and Tartaruga Type FOLDING, also you can try test ride in there.
Oct 28th ~ 29th   BIKE & CAMP KANTOU23 (Ibaragi, Kasumigaura)

We atend to 'BIKE & CAMP KANTOU23', this is Bike Camp Touring event.
You can see and buy many bikes and many camping devices in there.
We will display Tartaruga, and you can try to ride in great location.
Please come visit there if you have interesing for 'Bike camping', ofcase Tartaruga owners too!